TKO (Martial Arts)

by | Feb 15, 2019

TKO Martial Arts

Sunday: 12:00 noon

Looking for something different in your workouts? This class doesn’t pull any punches. Your body will be working in ways it never has providing an overall jab to your strength and aerobic fitness. Plus, you will develop skills in self-defense and mind-body connection. Purchase your own set of gloves prior to class.

Shape-Up For Summer 2016 Winners!

2016 was our most successful Shape-Up For Summer contest in years. We had over 50 members competing for the coveted summer crown, and more importantly, dedicating 30 days to become a healthier person. Our hats go off to everyone who entered, and we hope there’s even...

You Are Only 10% Human

Microbiota [mi″kro-bi-o´tah] noun All the different types of organisms that make up your intestinal tract. These microbes do all the digestion and create your immune response. We are only 10 percent human? Ninety percent of our cells are nonhuman, microbial cells. Our...

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