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There’s a place I like to go, at least once sometimes twice a day. This is a place everybody can go; they are welcome regardless of age, sex, political affiliation, ability, disability, sexual preference or religion. It is a place people have gathered for years; under triumph and defeat. The best of the best have gathered and still gather there today. This place is not secluded; it is seen everywhere on TV, movies and YouTube. You might even pass by it on your way to work or running errands. This place I’m talking about is The Bar. No, this isn’t your neighborhood bar that houses hordes of drunken and lost souls; The Bar I’m talking about is right at your local gym. You may have seen it on your way to the treadmill or to a group exercise class. It’s typically on a bench, but it has been known to free roam and scanter onto squat racks. The Bar I’m talking about is an Olympic bar that weighs 45 pounds is 7.2 feet long, has a diameter of 2 inches and can hold about 1500+ pounds. Chances are you have seen one and or use (d) one for your own gym training.

The Bar is a great place to be; to me it’s one of the best places to be. Being at The Bar means work is getting done. Not just any work, it’s usually hard work being put in. Being at The Bar means I have at least an hour to myself; I get to escape the world and do one thing my body was made to do; lift heavy. There’s no discrimination at The Bar. The Bar doesn’t care who you are, what you do for work, or how many Facebook friends you have. It doesn’t care about your ego, your attitude, nor does it care about the crappy Monday you are having. It cares about one thing and one thing only, being put to work.

So many people avoid The Bar thinking it is not right for them. In some cases yes, being at The Bar may not suit your particular need at the moment. But for a lot of us, we need to go to The Bar more often. I’m not saying you need to bench all day until your arms fall off, that wouldn’t be good. I am saying that strength training with The Bar could be the major breakthrough that is holding you back. I’ve seen so many people skip The Bar and go straight to cardio, thinking and in hopes of burning off that extra fat. Yes, doing some sort of cardiovascular training is good for you, but it won’t burn off those days, months and years of non activity and poor dietary intake.

Being at The Bar with proper form and execution will yield better results in a faster amount of time than your 60 minute elliptical session. Ladies I’m looking at you. There’s a huge conspiracy that women lifting at The Bar will become bulky and muscular. Yes you will get muscle, no you will not be bulky like a bodybuilder. Most women want that toned look or bigger better looking booty. You know how you achieve that? Get under The Bar and squat! Want a butt like J-Lo? Squat with The Bar! Want better defined arms and more upper body strength? Push, pull and press The Bar! It’s really that simple. Guys don’t think you are excused from this. Yeah I saw you bench The Bar a few times, that was cute. How about putting that Bar overhead? Or better yet, put The Bar on the ground, stack some weight on it and pull it from the ground! Guys you need to squat, overhead press and deadlift The Bar as well! Benching only goes so far. If you’re really good, you could overhead squat The Bar! And for the love that is all wholly, don’t bicep curl The Bar in the squat rack. That should be rule one of The Bar.

We need weekly meetings at The Bar; at least three times a week. The Bar is good for you. The Bar will in time, become your best friend and your worst enemy. If you visit The Bar like I said, you will reap some incredible benefits you never thought possible. If you neglect going to The Bar, you will be stuck on that treadmill or elliptical wondering why you haven’t lost that extra five pounds. I’ve seen it time and time again, the people who just stick to cardio yield little to no results, while us; the ones at The Bar are getting exactly what we put in; hard work for hard bodies. If you haven’t been to The Bar lately I encourage you to go, we will be there, saving you a seat.

This Article Was Taken From: Jonathan Franzen’s Fitness Blog

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  1. Evelyne | July 7, 2016 at 6:14 pm

    Well I am sitting at THE BAR Don’t tell JB