Congratulations to everyone who pushed themselves closer to greatness. Last week, 5 competitors put in major work to earn a spot at the top of the board. It also looks like 2016 Champ, John Kappler is starting to heat up. Two weeks down, only four more to go.

1st Place

Melane Barney, Linda Ellis, Greg Farinsky, Hillary Jones, Patti Lehman
Workout Effort 100%
Nutrition Effort 100%

2nd Place

Kathy Hoffman
Total Effort 92%

3rd Place

John Kappeler (C), Sean Levin, Joe O’Toole, Cindy Budde, Nina Faridnia, Natalia Garcia, Tina Murphy, Hayley McConnville, Kristen Ridge, Robin Tippett
Total Effort 83%

*The weekly top 3 is based on the ‘Greatness Board’ self-assessment points.