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Complimentary M.B.A.

Our Technology Gives You An Edge!


For workout rookies, and seasoned veterans alike – it’s why you joined our gym. You were motivated to do something. Lose weight. Get stronger. Increase stamina. Build Lean Muscle. Increase Flexibility. Better Health & Wellness. Whatever the reason, our M.B.A. course is designed to help new, and existing members alike.


You need a starting point. Something that can be referenced to accurately measure improvement or decline during your Shape-Up membership. Using our InBody 570 and/or the Fit3D, your trainer can give you unbiased, personalized data that establishes your baseline. Compare readings during part 2 of the M.B.A course.


During both parts of your M.B.A. course, your trainer will offer fitness advice rooted in both your baseline measurements and motivation. Your trainer can also answer any questions you may have about our gym. During part 2 of the course, stagnant or declining measurements can be met with the proper fitness adjustments.