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Jennelle Gordon – Yoga Intsructor


“A person’s reality is a direct result of their level of consciousness”

I have been blessed to be leading people in several continents, into a Divine Union through the practice of yoga and meditation for over six years.

Having scoliosis that merited my honorable discharge from the U.S. army, yoga became my healer for not only my spine but also for my debilitating panic attacks and depression. Shortly thereafter, I became passionate about food and nutrition and studied to become a holistic nutritionist.

Growing up in a religious home, I felt repressed in certain areas of my life and Tantra yoga became the catalyst, I used to form Dance Om, my own unique blend of yoga, dance and Tantra. My heart center opened in April 2015 when my son Amadi was born and my yoga practice was the vital key in his exceptional birth. My dharma has led me to travel the world teaching people how to encompass their emotional, sexual and spiritual energy into something sacred and Divine.

I like feeling connected to the community and it’s my way to give others an experience of energy and bliss, amidst the chaos of their everyday lives.

My favorite workout is Yoga (of course), and Muay Thai or Thai Kickboxing

My Background:

Dharma Yoga NYC 2011 200 hours Yoga Alliance

Sumits Yoga CA 2011 200 hours Yoga Alliance

Institute for Integrative Nutrition 2012

Tantra Yoga Thailand 2013 330 hours Yoga Alliance