Fitness Technology: Shape-Up Members Have An Edge

Gym Tech

Official MyZone Club

MyZone Fitness Tracker allows our members to track their exercise output in a fun, and engaging way. Earn points, crush weekly goals, compete locally or nationally, and stay motivated.

InBody 570

In 45 seconds, the InBody 570 measures Body Fat Percentage (Lean Mass vs Fat Mass), Visceral Fat Level, Segmental Breakdown, ECW/TBW Analysis, and Basal Metabolic Rate.

All-Inclusive, No Contract Memberships

We believe results create loyalty, not contracts. That’s why allĀ of our memberships are month-to-month and all-inclusive. Group, individual, and temporary memberships available.

Power Plate

Using accelerating vibration as a resistance force, the Power Plate has been proven to increase strength, endurance, circulation, bone growth, injury rehab speed, and weight loss.

Fit3D Body Scanner

Using industry-leading image technology, the innovative Fit 3D Body Scanner extracts hundreds of the most commonly used measurements, and data points for fitness and wellness tracking.