Cost: FREE
Date: This Saturday, 08/12
Time: 11am
Where: Shape-Up Health Club
Lecturer: Dr. Allison Willis

*Dr Willis will be administering FREE Nutrient Injections on-site!

Natural Approaches to Optimize Hormone Levels:

-Strategies to Optimize Hormone Levels for Weight Loss, Libido and Energy
-Key Nutrients to Support Hormonal Pathways
-Understand How Exercise Patterns Can Alter Hormone Levels

About Dr. Allison Willis

Dr. Allison Wills is a California licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutrition Specialist specializing in anti-aging medicine. She works with patients to help slow the aging process, prevent cognitive decline and treat a number of different health concerns. Medically trained, Dr. Wills focuses on preventing and treating illness using natural and integrative therapies.

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